Electronic transfer of production-related files to Arrowhead Printing is a complimentary customer service available via FTP.
For security reasons we do NOT provide this service by anonymous login. However, if you would like to use this technology, simply send
an email request, and a username and password will be provided for access to the system.

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Arrowhead Printing Inc, FTP Program

— To facilitate and expedite the design and printing process, when appropriate, Arrowhead Printing Inc (API) will provide, by customer, a private, password protected FTP directory space to upload and store files. Depending on circumstances, a static, mixed-use central directory may be recommended. If this solution is utilized, access credentials will be provided.

Setup — When customer information is received, the basic FTP directory space is created. Customers will be provided with a Username and Password by e-mail to access this area. Once this information is received, simply go to api.smartfile.com to log in and begin moving files. To maintain security, it will be the responsibility of the customer to limit password distribution to authorized users only. If a password is compromised, please advise API as soon as possible so the password can be reset.

Access — Once basic directory setup is complete, access and file transfer can be accomplished in a couple different ways. Generally, Web Browser access is the simplest way to get the job done. However, for the transfer of larger files, and for when higher volumes of files will be transferred on a regular basis, the use of an FTP client to more dependably move your data is recommended. While there are many FTP clients available, for a multi-platform compatible FTP client program, one option could be the free FileZilla client.

Please Consider — To help speed production, improve quality, and control costs, please consider the following:
1. Our primary design tool is Adobe Creative Cloud.
2. When in doubt as to the best file type to provide to API, pdf format is usually a safe choice.
3. With respect to image quality, the higher the provided source resolution, the better the resulting output.
4. API cannot increase image resolution: take a 72 dpi image and make it a 150 dpi image. Resolution is a function of how a file was created and saved, or how it was scanned.

Et Cetera — Please be advised that this free service is for active API customers only and use of the site is for transferring data for use in the API design and printing process only. It cannot be used for data transfer to anyone other than API.
Due to the high volume of activity and frequent customer updates, as a best practice, each customer should Always maintain local original copies of any files placed on this site. API is not responsible for providing file backups.
If there is any loss or compromising of usernames and/or passwords, notify us immediately so the old items can be replaced.
We reserve the right to periodically monitor disk space usage and delete files no longer in active production.
Due to the quantity of available file transfer software, we do not endorse any particular software or provide support for installation or use of transfer programs.
Please keep in mind that the uploade / download performance of the system may be limited by the performance of your Internet connection.

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